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TenderLink Welcomes New Owners - Dun & Bradstreet

TenderLink staff are excited to begin a new chapter of their history under the ownership of Dun & Bradstreet.
However, as a customer you can expect seamless business as usual, with our staff committed to delivering our usual brand of helpful and personalised service...Read Fairfax Media Press Release

Date: October 2016

Source: Fairfax


Embrace Change Boldly (with appropriate support)

In times of uncertainty, organisations often display a tendency to maintain the status quo – continuing to do things the way they’ve always been done, regardless of the outcome...Continue reading here

Date: Winter 2016

Source: PASA

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Digital Audit Trails Taking the 'Allegedly' Out of Procurement

Procurement professionals often bristle at the mention of bribery scandals. We’d like to think such events impossible...Continue reading here

Date: Autumn 2016

Source: Water Matters

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Procurement and the Panopticon Effect

At first glance, ‘Procurement and the Panopticon Effect’ doesn’t seem all that different. But in this case, once you know what a Panopticon is, you’ll see the connection...

Date: 5 April 2016

Source: PASA


The Chase for Efficiency – Be Careful What You Wish For 

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a real trend developing in the procurement space, with an increasing number of select/private notices being published through our system. And the numbers are telling...

Date: March 2016

Source: LG Focus



Compliance is Never Enough

I recently relocated from Perth to our new Melbourne BidWrite office. With moving came the inevitable rental property hunt, which involved the submission of endless rental forms...


Date: 4 February 2016

Source: BidWrite


Separating Risk from Uncertainty in a Brave New Amalgamated World

With Mike Baird announcing in December his plan to amalgamate more than a quarter of NSW's 152 councils, including whittling Sydney's metropolitan councils from 43 to 25, 2016 promises to be an interesting time across the state. As a provider of online procurement systems to over 200 councils...

Date: January 2016

Source: LG Focus



That's a Lot of Buying and Selling

I’m an unashamedly sentimental guy and the festive season always reminds me of the importance of relationships. Precious time spent catching up with family, friends and networks and in doing so, further cementing the bonds that hold us together.

Continue reading here

Date: 22 January 2016

Source: PASA



Digital Shift Helping to Define Procurement Best Practice

Best-practice is an interesting concept. At its most useful, it represents a set of overarching guidelines, rather than a prescribed list of tightly defined methods. This reflects the fact that while procedures may change from time to time, the ideals remain constant. But even if we are clear about the destination, it’s of no use if we don’t know how to get there...

Date: October 2015

Source: LG Focus




My Grandmother, Frank Knight and Procurement

If everyone knows the benefits to change, why is there so much resistance to it? Why is it so intimidating? We are creatures of habit and tend to take the well-worn path because our momentum is already taking us there... Continue reading here

Date: 7 September 2015

Source: PASA


Protecting the public purse with ditigal footprints

In a perfect world, two major objectives for procurement are to obtain best value for money and ensure that everything is above board. And when it comes to the public purse the guidelines around procurement practice exist for a reason...Continue reading here

Date: 17 July 2015

Source: The Mandarin

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Finding Greater Outcomes From Fewer Opportunities

With every new government, there's always a risk that the budget and public purse - and more importantly, how it is spent - will come under greater scrutiny. With that scrutiny comes the real chance infrastructure projects take a back seat, as both the public and private sectors tighten their belts wherever possible...Continue reading here

Date: 1 June 2015

Source: Council Leader

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Widening the Net for Greater Options Is Now a Necessity

While it’s early in the year and anything can happen in the next eight months, it appears that Victoria’s Water and Sewage boom – for lack of a better term – is on the...Continue reading here

Date: Autumn 2015

Source: Water Matters

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The benefits of dedicated e-Procurement solutions

Sharing is easy – at least in the beginning. If you share a house with friends, it’s common sense to share the bills, share the responsibility for furnishing the place, and share the day to day tasks of running the house. But after a while, we outgrow this mode... Continue reading here

Date: 24 March 2015

Source: PASA



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