Sell Your Expertise and Surplus Capacity

For some time now, budgetary pressures and efficiency drives have seen local governments sharpen their processes and improve their competitiveness. Most have shed their uneconomic activities by outsourcing them to more productive suppliers. This has resulted in lean operations which don’t do everything inhouse... Continue reading here

Date: September 2018
Source: LG Focus

Addressing Procurement Risk

As the gateway for a large proportion of organisational spend, procurement can make an immense contribution to ongoing financial sustainability, both directly and indirectly. In an environment of increased public scrutiny, the focus has tended to be on direct, easily- measured economic aspects such as price. .. Continue reading here

Date: July 2018
Source: LG Focus

Increasing Efficiency Through Smarter Procurement

Organisational efficiency is no longer limited to production and administration processes. Rising costs and rising stakeholder expectations mean that every aspect of an organisation’s operations is now under scrutiny. Things need to be done quicker, more cheaply and more reliably – right across the board... Continue reading here

Date: May 2018
Source: LG Focus

Sustainability Begins With Procurement

As organisations become increasingly aware of the benefits of sustainable business practices, they are looking for ways to implement — and demonstrate — sensitivity to environmental, social and ethical considerations... Continue reading here

Date: January 2018
Source: AHHB