Technology and procurement: A perfect match

There’s no doubt that when applied smartly, technology can be a powerful business enabler. The right tools and the appropriate processes can transform almost any business activity from an... Continue reading here

Date: May 2017
Source: LG Focus

Procurement helps mitigate risk

Procurement, as the link between organisations and their external suppliers, plays a crucial role in ensuring business success. Gone are the days when it was “all about the deal”, when cost... Continue reading here

Date: May 2017
Source: PASA

Procurement technology boosts efficiency

The recent creation of Primary Health Networks (PHNs), scoped with increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of medical services, has raised performance expectations throughout organisations... Continue reading here

Date: April 2017
Source: AHHB

Community engagement weighs on procurement*

Economic growth is a national priority and local government is well positioned to play a role by encouraging development and by investing in the community. One of the most visible forms of stimulus is ... Continue reading here

Date: January 2017
Source: LG Focus