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Tender Advertising

Tender Advertising Fast, Secure, Cost Effective...

If you advertise tenders, quotes or other business opportunities from time to time but don’t require your own e-Procurement portal, then our one-off ADCENTRE advertising service is the perfect solution.

You can advertise your requests for tenders, quotes, expressions of interest and other purchasing requirements to our highly targeted subscription-paying supplier base who are seeking opportunities locally, nationally or Australasia-wide. As part of this service, your advertisement will also be placed on our Adcentre portal, making it freely available for your regular suppliers.  


But the service is more than simply placing a highly targeted advertisement. For your fee, you also get to manage the whole process right through to submissions and close, using nifty tools like electronic Q&A forums, addenda management and electronic tender boxes. Plus, our in-built reporting tools allow you to see what’s happening throughout the process.

And all of this occurs within an online environment providing the highest standards of probity and data security.     

It takes just a few minutes to publish your notice and you only pay for advertising as you use the service.

Easy, quick, and secure!

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Check out the huge benefits of advertising through the TenderLink electronic service:

Faster to market! Our advertising wizard takes you through the process quickly and easily, ensuring your tender advertisement reaches your target market as quickly as possible.

A massive, highly targeted audience! Our expansive base of registered suppliers throughout Australia and New Zealand are ready and waiting to respond to your requirements. Their search profiles ensure that your requirements will only be sent to those who have indicated an interest in supplying the goods and/or services you seek.

More time: Less cost! Easy online document management will save you considerable time, reduce your distribution costs and remove the need for personal management of this process. You’ll simply upload tender documents for suppliers to download – and you’ll be able to see who has downloaded them.

You choose how to receive responses!  Receive responses online or in hardcopy. We’ll provide you with an electronic tender box if your preference is to receive online responses.

Easy, cost-effective communication! Respond to supplier queries via our forum facility. This saves you time and means every supplier has the same up-to-date information. If you make changes to documentation, our system can automatically notify all suppliers who have downloaded documents. Any future downloads include the addena or changes.

Greater probity: You’ll have a complete audit trail for every aspect of your tendering process.


For just $495 + GST per notice you can advertise through our system and reach our highly targeted supplier base. To reduce administration time, all charges are payable by secure credit card payment as you publish your notice.

You will need to register before you can advertise.

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If you have more frequent procurement requirements, check out the benefits of our fully branded e-Procurement portals.

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Tender Advertising

Advertise your tender to our massive base of targeted suppliers - locally, nationally or Australia-wide. The perfect solution if you don't tender on a regular basis.

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